Thursday, July 23, 2009

my little family

my little family 1st day I’m started to do my own blog. Just want to share my life style with my entire beloved friend & relative. Yerla..ramai orang duk keep asking where is my baby picture, where is my wedding picture.. huhu..walaupon dah ada baby...still my fren ramai yang belom tgk my wedding photos. Let me introduce you to all my little family.. of coz start with me..Asnor Syahirah....My lovely darlin..Hakimi…& my little baby..Ejaz Rayyan…hehe sedap tak nama my baby…mostly ramai orang cakap my baby name sedapp.. huhu perasan la pulak..hoho. Sometime ada yang cakap nama cam orang Sampai penah…I gi shoping with my hubby n baby, ada makcik sorang tuh tanya sapa nama baby ni…so I just bagi tau Ejaz Rayyan. Siap tanya melayu ker Mixed. I just senyum & cakap Melayu muslimla makcik…klakor..dia ingat aku orang sabahan…Actually pasal nama ni even nama my baby macam ke mat salleh’han sket but the name is Arabic name with good meaning. My hubby yang bagi nama…masa hari ke-7 lepas my baby delivered. Ejaz means miracle & Rayyan is The gate of heaven which allows fasting people in Ramadan to enter.

* This is my picture wedding on my hubby side at Nelayan Restaurant, Titiwangsa.

* Cantik kan my wedding cake? and the best part .. its so easy to do crowded deco..simple and sweet. Give it a try and if you manage to prepare one...i luv rose!

* I really love all the shots! Something new for us..siap lambung2 petals lagik huhu...thanks suriya, Sadiq n Kimin frm greenapple team!! U all did a great job by giving me the wonderfull photos!


*Rayyan- masa baru deliver 10.03.2009 (3.2 kg)
Pantai Hospital, Ampang

*Rayyan- 2 weeks

*Rayyan- 1 Month

*Rayyan- 2 months

*Rayyan- 3 months

*Rayyan- 4 months

This is my cute baby..Ejaz Rayyan. Kiteorang call my baby -Rayyan..tapi my baby sitter dia called him Ejaz . Whatever name we called son is very good baby..mana taknya time injection pon dia bole ketawa..xnangis langsung hoho..mommie dia pulak yang panic huhu...n tak penah meragam yang teruk2. So..easy to handle him. Very lasak..n suka gelak n menjerit..haha. Nanti next post I will story about diary of my baby….okehhh….bye for now!

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