Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mommy, Baby & Cloth Diapers huhuhu..

Mommy, Baby & Cloth Diapers huhuhu..

Salam..hi.. today just write to sharing my experiences using cloths diapers to my baby rayyan...with frenz & others mommies. Almost dah 6months dah using CDs kat Rayyan..tukar2 dgn disposable time malas haha...but my CDs collection only 17pcs. 12pcs i give bbsitter to handle & 5pcs i using over the wekend n ONite :( ...but im try to manage to add sikit2...lama2 jadik bukit..huhu al-maklomla the price quit expensive...but for long term...its a good saving for money,
better for our future environment utk kurangkan sampah & good for our baby also..say bye2 to rashes.
For me im try so different brand to suit my son. We can try the cheaper range to expensive range...but for me im vote for Rumparooz, Bum-genius for best design & performance! :p Alah membeli menang memakai..huhu

1st time guna CD ni..quit excited..even sometime org cakap macam leceh for working mommy like us, but im try to manage well. Actually bukannya susahpon..nak handle CD nih..for me just rajin2 baca how to handle cd..just do a lots of research...
slowly searching for more different brand to try. It is well said that there is no perfect cloth diaper system for a baby unless you tried it, cause each baby are born with different built. So there goes a very good excuse to shopping hehe..

Lagipon CD skrg nih a
vailable in lots of cute colors and prints..Oh they are soooo tomeii just because they are so tiny!!so make our life more happening n exciting..kalo xpercaya..tryla....

So with so much of these great reasons, let change to cloth diapers for the sake of our baby, our environment and not to forget our pocket too! Go green mommies! bye!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ask & 2010

Mmmm..da lama x update my blog..bukan lupa ker ngn kijer..huhu.. diam xdiam..dah masuk new year 2010 dah.. so this year i dah melangkah..umo..30 oh noooooo... not yet..huhuhu bulan august baru masukla..haha..

This year..biasala..masuk tahun baru..azam macam2..but hopefully apa yg kita harapkan dapat capai this year amin..

For try to get involve wit small2 bisnes..just for hobby n..tambah side income.. bukan apa selama nih..asyik..shoping this year try to manage for saving also..lagipon my interest with bb apparel since lahirnya anakku lets visit my blog share with my bestfren im doing this on a part time basis, squeezing what little time we have to bring you special items which will definitely suit you or your baby's needs! ceh ceh..pomott haha

Keja kat office Dellform..macam biasa.. a lot of thing have to plan to increase our sales yg drop last year..since economy drop nih ..hopefully this year mo bole grap more bonus..yer huhu Amin!

For try to be a great mommy to my son n good wife to my darlin... help whatever i can do to build up our family. Cepatkan masa berlalu... my baby pon dah nak masuk 10mths... punyala active skrg..xboleh duk diam..ada jer nak dibuatnya..see rayyan skrg..muka pon dah lain..since dah makan solid food nih..pantang tengok org makan..dia pon nakk..hehe..

Jom tgk gambo terbaru anak terunaku sorang him so much! muahss

geram tgk rambot..panjang..selamba..potong sendirii..funny eh..

senang nak buat kijer...biar dia main dalam buble gym nih..interested for your baby also visit

Funny face

Pantang nampak camera...chill jer huhu


huk huk..

hellooo..i'm Rayyan